Vote to Your Favorite Team

Rules & Steps

  1. The first round, picks will be selected in 2 large block forms. The first block will cover the 11/21-11/26 matches, while the second block will cover the 11/27-12/2 matches. Following this will be the round of 16 (12/3-12/6), quarterfinals (12/9-10), semi-finals (12/13-12/14), and championship (12/18).
  2. All picks can be edited after submission as long as they are re-submitted before matches kick off.
  3. Picks will lock one minute before each match kicks off (i.e., Nov 21st, 12:59pm) according to each user’s time zone.
  4. Participants will select a winner of each match on the corresponding questions, and each question will offer an answer choice of either team.
  5. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
      A. Entering information for every field (personal information, contact information, etc)
    B. Answering every question in the provided fields regardless of being correct or incorrect
    C. Agreeing to all rules as listed on the form
  6. Participants may enter any round of the Patriot Cup despite not winning. This is to encourage participation and chances to win every round.
  7. Winners will be decided according to the percentage of correct picks closest to 100%. The submissions with the highest percentages of correct picks will be awarded with the prize of a V380 headset. Those winners of V380s will also be entered into a grand prize winners’ raffle to be drawn after the Patriot Cup has completed. However, V380 awards are limited to one per winner per Patriot Cup.
  8. Please note that all matches that end in a tie in the group stage will not be counted towards the correct total and will be voided on consideration. Please answer only for wins and losses in mind.
  9. Winners will receive their prizes following the end of the Patriot Cup. It will end after the championship is decided on 12/18 at 6pm AST.
  10. For any further questions or checking if your country is void from entry, please consult the Terms and Conditions or reach out to Viper Gaming’s Patriot Cup Challenge at [email protected].


  1. Winners will be selected in tandem with the block of days. These winners are defined as such by having the highest percentage of correct picks (i.e., picking 23/24 games’ winners correctly,getting the PK bonus question correct, but missing the score of a certain game would be 25/26, or 96.15%) out of the total entries in a given block. Winners will earn the V380 headset as a free prize.
  2. With each block in the first round, 10 winners will be awarded upon the end of the block and the winners are assessed. 10 submissions will earn the V380 Headset.
  3. In the event of any ties, winners will be selected based on a series of tiebreakers:
      A. 1st Tiebreaker, # of correct game picks: if multiple entries tie, the winner will be decided by which entry had the most game winners picked correctly.
      B. 2nd Tiebreaker, bonus question: if multiple entries tie and they have the same number of games picked correctly, the winner will be decided by entries that pick the bonus penalty kick question correctly.
      C. 3rd Tiebreaker, game score: if multiple entries tie and they both have the same number of games picked and the bonus correct, the winner will be decided by who was the closest to predicting their game’s score correctly, along with the win associated.
      D. Final Tiebreaker: if multiple entries tie and they both have stayed tied through the 3 tiebreakers, Patriot staff will randomly select a winner.  
  4. Winners of the weekly blocks will also beentered into the grand prize drawing that will be drawn following the finalmatch; the winner of this drawing will receive a full peripheral kit.
  5. Winners of the V380 headset cannot win a second V380 headset. While participants can continue playing for fun after the first win, they cannot win a second time.